Discover things about your life that you have never seen before, and in the process discover God’s great interest in you.

MyLife-Workshop is a six unit course designed to discover how life has shaped us and to explore just how God’s influence in our lives can bring about new purpose and deep peace.


“Coin” Who/What has influenced me to be the person I’ve become?
“Book”What would be the story of my life?
“Bridge”Where is my life headed?
“Music”Where have I sensed his presence in my life?
“Band-Aid”What is so surprising about pain?
“Treasure” How can I find what I have always sought?

FACILITATED by Dr. Dietrich Schindler Author of MyLife-Workshop and pastor of “Journey Church Frankfurt”

COSTS 50 Euros (entire course & material)

Our next Workshop will start on January 8 at 6 pm.