Business Coaching

As we know, the health of your business is closely related to the health of your leaders. Professional coaching has been proven to increase both the output of business and the emotional health of those in business.

Dr. Dietrich Schindler is the founding Pastor of Journey Church in Frankfurt and a professional coach. As a non-profit, Journey Church (in Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden, K.d.ö.R.) seeks to better the life of urban professionals in Frankfurt.

Dr. Schindler would like to offer you, or anyone in our organization his services of two 45 minute coaching sessions for free, no strings attached. He is fluent in both English and German.

Should you wish to further engage Dr. Schindler’s services after the initial two sessions, we would simply request a donation to the ministry of Journey Church.

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Dr. Lutz Hülsdunk

Founding Partner JURICITY Rechtsanwälte (formerly a partner with JONES DAY)

“I have found Dr. Schindler’s advice, counseling and friendship invaluable. Coming from a Christian spiritual perspective, his profound input has allowed me to re-focus and re-prioritize my life towards the things – or more precisely the relationships – that matter. The positive impact on my business and personal life is abundant.”