Mission Statement

Journey Church is transforming secular culture to the glory of God by generating a movement of churches among urban professionals in Frankfurt, Germany.

Core Values

1. Functional Biblical Authority

We believe that the Bible, God’s Word, is authoritative and foundational for the life of the believer. It is the basis for our relationship with God, has the power to transform lives, and provides guidance in practical, everyday matters.

2. Transformational Discipleship

We walk together in the journey of transformation, sharpening and challenging each other to press on as disciples of Jesus Christ. In this, we also encourage each other in pursuing God’s kingdom and build each other up to be a light in our communities.

3. Authentic Worship

We worship God because He is God and worthy of our praises. Our heart’s goal is to freely offer God genuine worship with all our heart, mind, and soul in every part of our lives. Our worship is to be understandable for everyone, so that anyone can be drawn up in worship together with the church.

4. Heartfelt Generosity

We see our possessions, both material and immaterial, as generous gifts from God. As managers of these gifts, we want to use our money, gifts and time to honour God and fulfil his calling.

5. Purposeful Multiplication 

We make disciples that make disciples. We build churches that grow/birth churches. Our goal is beyond a single individual or a single church. We dream of movement and multiplication for the greater goal of God’s kingdom. Thereby, every three years every one of our churches will start a new church.