Sadly, Journey Church will not be meeting for services anymore. If you are looking for an english-speaking church in Frankfurt, we would love to point you towards good other options.

Questions Welcome

Journey Church is a safe place to ask honest questions. For both followers of Jesus and for those who find themselves standing outside of the perimeter of Christianity, because seeking clarity is part of life. We as a community of faith, therefore, welcome doubt and inquiry, while at the same time seek to provide answers that satisfy both intellect and heart. We welcome dialogue.

Bible on Life


After-Work-Groups are small groups of three to five professionals, meeting weekly after work/during the dinner break at or near the workplace to seek understanding of God’s word, reflect on its application, and band together to intercede for one another in prayer.



MyLife-Workshop is a six unit course designed to discover how life has shaped us and to explore just how God’s influence in our lives can bring about new purpose and deep peace.

In Worship services we passionately seek God collectively, honoring and praising him in response to his revelation to us in Jesus Christ. We endeavor to stir both heart and mind as we focus on what God has said and done on our behalf.

Work Matters

At Journey Church we view work as a sacred calling. Vocation is the call of God on our lives to enable our world to flourish through our unique efforts. When God redeems us in Jesus Christ, he redeems what we do and how we do it. Our work then takes on a whole new meaning and purpose.


We are called to bless Frankfurt and the world at large with the talents God has entrusted to us. The prophet Jeremiah says it well, “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you” (Jeremiah 29:7).

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Dietrich Schindler


Dr. Dietrich Schindler

Dietrich is a German-American pastor who with his wife Jan has planted five German-speaking churches in Germany. Dietrich and Jan have three adult children and two grandsons living in Taiwan.

Nico van der Velde


Nico van der Velde

Nico, born in Frankfurt, finished his masters degree in 2017 at the FTH in Gießen. There he helped plant the church 'Mosaik Gießen' for 3 years before moving to Frankfurt to start Journey Church.

Laura de Ruiter

Associate Pastor

Laura de Ruiter

After growing up in China, Laura now works as an associate-pastor at Journey Church. Her degrees are a BA in Biblical Exposition and Intercultural Studies at Moody Bible Institut and a MSc in Strategic Leadership and Change Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.


We want to be close to the people; right in the thick of it. That is why you can find us at our offices at the Mainzer Landstraße 50 (6. OG), 60325 Frankfurt.

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Journey Church is a congregation within the Evangelical Free Church of Germany (Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden in Deutschland, K.d.ö.R.). The EFCG has 500 local churches throughout Germany and was started in 1852. Along with the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland it is rooted in the Apostolic Confession.


Journey Church does not receive government support (a.k.a. church tax) and relies on the gracious giving of its members and friends. We are deeply thankful for your contribution.

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